Welcome to WinSite

WinSite (formerly the CICA Windows FTP archives, online from 1991-1994) went on the air Friday, October 13th, 1995. Despite the superstitious date, we emerged from the temporary accommodations generously provided by Indiana University's Center for Innovative Computer Applications (CICA), to a full T1 Internet connection (which we easily saturated), with three times the processing power and twice the disk space. We have grown from our humble roots: out of tower chasis and into rack-mounted servers, mega-byte to giga-bytes of disk storage, and from leased-line/T1s (twisted pairs of copper strands) connecting us from a small cottage in Bloomington into an all-fiber optic OC-192 worldwide backbone collocation facility.

The WinSite archives receives its careful management and gentle care from its original founders, and its many, many friends. We are pleased to continue serving the authoring community by sticking to our CORE mission: providing an easy, free, and strong online presence for the promotion of and advocate for the best Windows shareware, freeware, and trialware on the Internet.

What's here?
With the continuing support of the shareware, freeware developer community, we present an amazing array of software. Games, utilities. Things that make your printer print better, and tools and utilities to help you computer better. Our collection is carefully selected. Checked for viruses. Approved by humans, for the use of humans.

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